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We specialize in Unix/Linux/Windows/Mac Network Support, IT Management, and IT Consulting in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Xiitec is committed to providing world class network support and managed IT services within a reasonable budget. Whether you're looking for onsite technical support, server hosting and administration, or any other forms of IT support, we have your company's needs covered. With our team guiding your infrastructure installation and maintenance, you will retrieve data faster, make collaboration easier, make better customer service possible, increase productivity, eliminate costly system downtime, and enhance security, all while reducing operation costs. Our IT experts have extensive experience in customizing relevant and effective solutions for everything from ecommerce, enterprise solutions, and data access. We are also on top of all critical hardware issues. We speak the languages of both hardware and software so we can help you determine your business's unique requirements. The methods we rely on are tested and proven, so you can have peace of mind. From project initiation through implementation, we take the steps needed to give you the results you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Why entrust your IT environment to us?

  • We will save you money.
  • We will improve your productivity.
  • We will secure and monitor your systems 24/7.
  • We will ensure 99.9% uptime of your systems.
  • We can upgrade your system to boost performance and productivity
  • We offer complete setup and provide continuous management of your firewall and security
  • We act to eliminate security threats to your network before they affect your security or productivity
  • We have a comprehensive and effective disaster recovery program in place to meet any emergency

How It Works

While in-house system administrators may not be specialized in many application or operating system skills, we have a team of experienced professionals who possess a variety of in-depth skills. This allows us to provide the right person for any given task, instead of relying on a generalist who may not be intimately familiar with the issue at hand. We will also advise you on your choices for IT and plan the most effective use of your assets to make certain the full range of your needs are met.

You may not want the expense of an on-site staff when you can meet all of your needs, no matter how simple or complex, by outsourcing system management tasks with greater efficiency. Remote system administration ensures that your systems are monitored by our experts at all times, and problems can be solved as soon as they arise.

What this means:

  • You'll have the stability and consistency in system administration that a growing or established business requires
  • You get ready access to a pool of network experts
  • You get Comprehensive support solutions based on thorough site assessment
  • You can reduce costs due to better uptime and less required in-house resources
  • You can deploy in-house resources for other mission critical needs
  • Managed IT Employee / In-house IT Support

    If you're looking for an in-house/onsite IT person for your office, we can provide that as well. We can save your company the trouble of vetting the individual making, and provide someone who meets the high standards of XiiTec and are 100% qualified for the job you propose. If they are sick, we can replace them with another highly qualified employee 24/7. We will fully manage your new IT employee from day one, saving your company the time and headaches of delegating which issues need to be dealt with immediately. We can implement our support ticket system in your office, so your staff can obtain a quick solution to any issue that may arise.

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Our mission is to make IT simple for you. We deliver superior computer IT support and services for small to mid sized businesses.

IT Consulting in Vancouver

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