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We specialize in Network Support, IT Service Management, Vancouver IT Management, and IT Consulting Vancouver

Xiitec is committed to providing the best Managed IT service, IT Support and IT Consulting services while meeting a reasonable budget. Whether that comes in the form of speed, server up-time, network security or any other combination of features that your enterprise is looking for, we've got you covered left, right, and center. We are based in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Managed IT Employee / Outsource INHOUSE IT Support

Looking to hire an “INHOUSE” – “ONSITE” IT person for your office? We can assist and save your company the trouble of vetting the individual making sure they are bondable, insurable, and meet the high standards of XiiTec and are 100% qualified for the job you propose. If they are sick, we can replace them with another highly qualified Employee 24/7. Hiring an IT Person has future implications for troubles that will arise that are unforeseen, having XiiTec Vet the employee ensures you receive an employee that will not only meet your needs but will be able to fix and solve problems that we see on a daily basis which were not expected and unforeseen but qualified to handle these type situations. XiiTec will fully manage your new IT employee from day 1 saving your company the time and headaches of delegating which issues need to be dealt with immediately through our built in Ticket System which we will implement for your staff to obtain a quick solution to any issue that may arise.

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Our mission is to make IT simple for you. We deliver superior computer IT support and services for small to mid sized businesses.

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