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We specialize in Unix/Linux/Windows/Mac Network Support, IT Management, and IT Consulting in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Why trust your IT environment to us? Let’s get to what you’ll get in measurable benefits when you hire us.

Recent Articles

Grandpa Guide To IT

Should I buy a laptop, desktop, or tablet?

My first answer to this question is always, “whatever you like” and do my best to walk away, or pretend that I am busy. But if the poor misguided soul asking me this question fails to take that answer as the dismissal it is and follows up with “No, seriously, which one should I buy?” I then accept that our friendship is going to come to an end, possibly right now.

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Grandpa Guide To IT (Offense 2)

What Antivirus Should I Buy?

Another question I dread is “What kind of antivirus should I buy?” I hate the question for a number of reasons. The first is that if you are asking me this question it’s because you have my home phone number and have probably interrupted me while I am eating, playing video games, sleeping, or plotting how to make my users lives a living hell. (During office hours, users know better than to call me, or disturb me, or even think about me, lest they incur the wrath of the IT department. There is even a legend that if you say my name three times, a spirit of wrath wearing a disgusting old hoodie and unwashed jeans will appear and reformat your hard drive while calling you horrible names and disparaging your ancestry and sexual preferences. Then murder you, which I am assured is rather horrifying. Most would prefer that I did the actual murdering first.)

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Grandpa Guide To IT (Offense 3)

Windows 10 is not as bad as Windows 8
And why you should still be pissed off.

I made the mistake of approaching the Windows 10 technical preview with hope. The signup and download process was easy and user friendly, installation was quick and painless – even on a weaker machine, and then the first disappointment hit me. I had to provide an email address or I could not continue with setup.

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Grandpa Guide To IT (Offense 4)

How hard is IT anyway?

I am often amazed at how highly competent men and women look at a computer, immediately throw up their hands and declare that they are too stupid for this crap. Mind you, I felt the same way the first time I sat down with Windows 8, so I know the feeling. I understand, but it surprises me. If it was hard, I couldn’t do it.

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Grandpa Guide To IT (Offense 5)

The customer is not always right.
The world is divided into people who know what they want, and people who think they know what they want. In no industry does this become more apparent than IT.

Sadly, no one seems to know what they need. The customer needs more capability, more flexibility, more efficiency and less cost on an almost daily basis in this competitive world. The IT professional who is tasked to help finds himself unable to appreciate the nuances of running a pet shop, for example and just waiting for key words that will help him locate a solution that will sort of work. Read More