Keeping things in order

If  you’re like me- you swear that there is an order to your own personal clutter, regardless of how large and encroaching your personal piles of mess may be.  You’ve probably heard it all from parents, roommates and friends about how you should just keep your life in order already.

Sure we may get irritated from time to time when we can’t seem to find that post it note we stuck to that install disk, but you won’t see me renouncing my ways, no sir. I will probably continue to be an insufferable disaster akin to a rather popular Canadian television cartoon pictured below.

A somewhat cruel portrayal of this blogger

But what could this ever have to do about  websites!? Well I’m glad I asked, because otherwise this was going to be a rather nostalgic post about a cartoon I particularly liked, and while that is rather captivating (if I do say so myself) it might be a little off message!

The reason I invoke our good friend Whatamess is in part due to my recent adventures on the net trying to do normal every day things like: find a product, or locate a business’ contact information.  My experiences have led me to the conclusion that many individuals have in fact been contracting our subject of interest to head up the structure of their website.  Duplicate links, links missing and of course the all time favourite 404 redirect when trying to find contact information or help documents.

So why are so many people satisfied with a slop-job website? Do they not realize that it is the single leading cause of market share loss online?  What possible incentive do I have to trust your site if it is not organized to feel like my trust belongs with you?  The internet is increasingly a hostile place in terms of phishing and malware- so presenting a clean cut and official portal on the web is going to be of paramount importance if you are going to be drawing users into your site.

Honestly, what good is having a top search ranking on Google, if your customers are going to just hit the back button 5 seconds into loading your eyesore of a page?   In the name of decency for all who use the internet then I present my top list of reasons I burn rubber as fast as I can away from your domain:

  • You have a splash-page
  • Your navigation bar is on the bottom, or  just can’t be found
  • Your contact or about page 404’s
  • Comet cursors
  • Your home page has an auto play advertisement from a third party
  • Your home page has an auto play full screen video
  • You designed your site using tables
  • Your site integrates with Facebook, but your product/service has no social aspect.
  • Last updated- circa 1999

OK… so that may not be an exhaustive list- but it gives you a sense of what to expect from the majority of web users who quite frankly don’t have a mind to spend a whole lot of time on your site- especially if it looks like it was designed by a poorly animated cartoon dog.


Stefan Avlijas @ XiiTec Vancouver