So whats coming down the tubes next week?

Designing a successful web portal for a service or product means a whole lot more than just whipping up a design.   Sure you’ve spent countless hours working with many talented people to produce what you have on launch day, but now the really challenging work begins.

Committing to the operational success of your website means constant evaluation and re evaluation of what works, what does, and what does not.  It is so crucial to analyze what:

-brings users to the site

-makes them stay

-makes them contact you

-makes them leave


There are tons of handy ways to do this through smart design, like including the last visited page before a contact form is submitted, or simply analyzing your web site’s traffic.  This is an easy way to find out if you should be giving better service to a certain regional demographic, increase or decrease your bandwidth and countless other things.

Of course web sites that are left unattended will undoubtedly fall by the wayside of something that is well taken care of and updated but a commitment to a site must go beyond simple posts and info updates.

At XiiTec we’re going to take the next week to outline  strategies to breathe life into your site and buoy your internet traffic.   So look forward to learning a wide variety of  strategies you can implement while in front of your screen, with a swish of your thumb or, in person while trying to promote your brand new site.

Be sure to watch our twitter and facebook for more interactive learning opportunities in May including the start of our very own video blog!


Stefan Avlijas @XiiTec Vancouver