How to Print Screen – the different ways

For PC / Windows:

There are numerous ways:

  1. On your keyboard – on the top right area: find the key that says “PrtScn” If you press it, the screenshot is saved to your clip board. Open an image editing program such as “paint”, and paste it on there.
  2. If you’d rather save it to your default pictures folder automatically, then hold onto the WINDOWS key and then press PRT SCN.
  3. If you use more than one monitor (let’s say a dual screen setup) and you want to print screen on only one monitor, then be sure to select the side of the screen where you want to have the print. Next hold onto ALT key and press PRT SCN. It is saved to your clipboard.

For Iphone:

  1. Simply press the HOME button with the POWER button at the same time, and voila! its done.

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