Luring them in

With summer winding down and yours truly firmly planted in a seat behind his desk for the foreseeable future it seems to be an appropriate time to get back to talking over the finer points of SEO.

Curly Tail Grub

So let’s get cracking,  first up on the agenda should be no surprise to the internet marketing veterans amongst us, yet that does not make it any less important to consider.



So question at hand then is… what makes good link-bait?

Well, on the surface this may appear to be a really personal preference, it would seem that different users would find different things appealing so fussing over it would be counter productive.

Fortunately for the fussy ones among us user preference is not as fickle as many people would make it out to be.  Sure the market is wide and varied, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t take steps to tip the scales in your favour when it comes to getting hits on your site.

There is a tendency to over think Google’s (also Bing and Yahoo… I guess) ever changing algorithm, and to frame it in very black and white terms.  I’ve combed through countless blogs after every update telling you to post more from column A and less from column B if you want to stay on top of the game.  While this very technical approach might be appropriate for extremely competitive SEO keywords in which one desires the #1 ranking, it is also time consuming and puts your SEO wizard at risk of burnout.  So I implore you to ditch this tired approach and let your creativity shine through to the top.

Zara Spook

The question we should be asking ourselves as SEO experts when creating new content for our pages is “What do people want to see today”.  This of course is a direct nod to the importance of quality and new information of the internet.

Google takes its hints about how to display relevant search results from the kinds of pages people go to an link each other to.  Currently, info-graphics, images, videos and all kinds of media are all the rage on the web- especially pictures with text overlaid on them (although I fear in several years this may just prove to be a constant of the internet and not a raging fad).  So producing 8000 word missives about the merits of a quality primary education would probably not draw many viewers outside the hard-core education community.

If we really want to attract the masses, well we sadly have to pander to them.  This doesn’t mean debasing the value or integrity of your postings, but simply tailoring the look and content of the pages that your content appears.  Remembering to include valuable visual graphics can be a saving grace for a really long entry, while one might think that with 400 hits a day at some point every single word that you blog about is going to be scrutinized and read to oblivion, chances are that 399 of those hits are just

Storm WildEye Swimbait

stopping on by to skim the text while copying the image url of your informative and provocative info-graphic on education funding versus Olympic spending.
The point is here folks that including what people want to see shouldn’t feel dirty or underhanded, no more or less than fitting your fishing line with the latest and greatest flashy lure in order to catch what you’re looking for.

– Stefan Avlijas @ XiiTec in Vancouver