Why I want a Raspberry pi (even though I wouldn’t know what to do with it)

It is hard to pinpoint what exactly makes the Raspberry Pi project so easy to love – beyond the extremely reasonable 35$ish pricetag.  But this project has taken the internet by storm, this guilty author included. So what better time to check out what it is all about?

Like all really cool things with amazing potential it risks being romanticized, but rarely does such a small and simple thing have the power to affect so much change.   Initially dreamt up in 2006 at Cambridge University the Raspberry Pi was created in response to a dip in skills among A level Computer Science students at universities, but this credit card sized computer has turned into so much more thanks to the limitless well of creativity that is humanity.

Consider that for many people struggling to make ends meet across the globe this will present itself as one of the first truly “affordable” computing machines that give a user internet access.  It has been speculated that the compact nature of these devices means that they could be secretly delivered, even having a positive impact on the ability of political dissidents living in closed regimes to speak out despite tight government controls.

Always hot on the heels of that ingenuity will always be controversy, with the Pirate Bay, the world’s most notorious bit torrent site announcing that the Raspberry Pi has made it possible for them to consider blasting mirrored servers into space, and whats more they’ve already hammered out a deal with Greece to put Low Orbit Server Stations into Greek Airspace. (More at http://thepiratebay.se/blog/211)

Head over to www.raspberrypi.org for more info, or to get your own.

Stefan Avlijas- @ XiiTec Vancouver