A Google coach? W-What would I have to do?

By Stefan Avlijas @Xiitec

Demystifying the secrets of search engine optimization can go a very long way for a business of any size, as customers predominantly turn to keyword searches on mobiles, tablets, and computers to look for the goods and services that they, or their business require.

Ensuring that your website can be found when your brand is searched is fine and dandy, but what about all the other customers who are looking to connect with services like yours but may be unfamiliar with your particular brand? SEO can help you tap into a much wider audience at a minimal cost compared with traditional e-advertising.

Stepping out from obscurity

With millions of general keyword searches happening every day it is important to make it easy for your service to be found by people from all walks of life, not just those highly specialized in your sector’s jargon.  Luckily, the path to boosting your site’s search results is one that will also help grow the prestige and authority your company commands in your field, helping you to really stand out in a crowded market.

Many SEO tactics have been largely frowned upon because they rely on cheap tricks like duplication, often acting more like spam, so beware!  Cutting corners in serious marketing campaigns on the internet is often a poorly thought out choice often having a detrimental effect to your brand image, there is little worse than being associated with spam!

Maybe if you labelled it properly

Using descriptive and unique keywords in your domain name, and site architecture can go a long way to helping search bots accurately categorize your business under the keywords you want to be found under.  So the domain www.newcompany-automobiles.com would be indexed as more relevant, as would www.newcompany-cars.com or even www.newcompany-motors.com in just a regular keyword search that used the words “car”, “automobile” or “motor” than www.newcompany.com.

Good structure and organization with respect to file naming and default anchor link is  one of the most powerful tools available to would-be search engine optimizers today.  SEO is all about smart labeling, using titles that play into your overall keyword strategy.   Always remember to do some research about how competitive those search terms you’ve got in your sights are, and adjust your strategy accordingly.  The internet is constantly in flux, therefore you SEO strategy must be able to flex in order to stay ahead of the curve.

He said, she said.

Much like the real world, would-be online customers turn to what other people are saying about you as a barometer on who you are and what you represent, and search engines are taking notice!  For this reason many SEO specialists will tell you that getting others to link to your site is of the outmost importance in building a high ranking.  This is because search engines coming across your link on other sites will associate it with the terms in the anchor link text, giving your company name the added relevance bonus of being associated with the keywords in the link!

Those of us who rely on the net for information know that content is king, nothing attracts unique views like useful original content.  Adding any form of well labeled content:  graphics, text resources, or videos will increase the likely-hood that a wayward surfer will be directed to your site first, before a page that focuses heavily on links, or is merely a portal to content.

Onward, upward, outward!

In many ways good SEO drives the quality of the internet forward; since companies are competing for valuable market share they will be pressed to create more and more useful databases of information and content online for users to access.  This can not only help grow the individual company’s business, but inspire creativity and learning within their field by offering educational materials online.

The ongoing endeavor of companies to climb higher and higher on the search index via content producing methods may even begin to turn around what some on the net bemoan as “the death of original content”.  White-hat methods of SEO will hopefully finally catalyze the e-advertising industry into creative, user friendly approaches that prioritize the creation and digitization of useful content rather than banners,  click through ads, popups, and 15 second videos which for many consumers results in a negative brand image for being so associated with spamming , scams and malware.

Tragically I can not  promise that SEO will mercifully stop the apparent endless stream of annoying reposts from existing… but at least we can begin to bury them on page two of the search results where nobody will ever see them.